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Happy 1-yr Anniversary! and a Special | New Jersey Photographer | Monmouth County Photographer | Ocean County Photographer

WOW!  It has been 1 year since I have opened my business officially.  Can you believe it?  It has been an amazing 1 year.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun :).  I just want to thank everyone who allowed me into their lives this past year to photograph them and their families.  You don’t know how much that means to me.  I love it when I see the smiles, laughter, family bonding and yes even the tears.  I get even more excited when I see the final products.  I would love to keep all the photos in my house to hang up but that would be strange having someone else’s family hanging in my home.  My business has grown, especially this summer and I couldn’t be happier.  I am always learning something new with every session and it has been wonderful.

My second year in business is going to bring some changes, don’t worry they are all for the better.  So, mainly in pricing structure, in-person ordering sessions, gallery hosting, newborn studio and hopefully going all digital with my welcome packet and information.  I will still offer the session fee and a la carte pricing but will be offering complete packages that include the session fee, print and products.  This should be a little bit easier to follow and will allow for great discounts too.  I will also have in-person ordering sessions at either my house on a large flat screen TV, your house or a cafe possibly.  This will allow you to see the finished products, we can discuss sizing, where you want the photos to go and I will have samples, yes samples finally!  The one big change is that before the ordering session your gallery will only be hosted for 7 days.  I just don’t want those photos to linger for so long and it does cost me money to host them on my proofing gallery for a long time. This can change depending on your families needs and location (out-of-state clients will have 30-day hosting still).  Yes, I will have a studio for newborn photos!  I am especially excited about this one.  I have a finished attic that has great light during the day and would be the perfect spot and space for newborn photos.  I have realized that I carry too much stuff and I am never sure of the lighting when I am at someone’s house.  This way I can have all my props, and there are many, readily available and set to go and be able to control the lighting for the best photos ever.  The parents would be able to relax in our spare bedroom if they need to and there will be a space for feeding and changing too.  Finally I am going digital.  This will be my small effort to go green.  I want my business to be a green business and their is a certificate for that too.  Plus, one would think that since I am a Environmental Engineer in schooling I would be as green as possible.  Hopefully this turns out well.  I am pretty excited about the changes coming up.  Let me know what you all think about them too.  What would you like to see?  Leave a comment here and let me know.

So THANK YOU to everyone who have helped me grow this year!  I appreciate everyone  and can’t wait for next year!


Now for the special – Please leave a comment here letting me know you follow my blog and what you would like to see offered from me, services, products, etc.  I will use to select the winner and they will receive a free session and a 8×10 print.  The special/contest will end on Sunday August 7 at midnight.  Good luck!  The winner will be selected on Monday August 8.

Thank you and with love,



PS – If you read this leave a comment and let me know 🙂


Janelle Parker - Hi Bethany,

I love all of your pictures and your website is fantastic! I’ve been telling everyone about you and hopefully this will bring in even more business for you.

Are you thinking of doing any promotions for Christmas Cards!!!


Cynthia King - Hi – congrats on one year!!!

Some ideas that I have seen recently are the silly family portrait, lots of fun props and poses which is then contrasted against te nice photo.
Other idea is engagement photo sessions (saw a couple of really neat pics from museums, special places, etc)
Maybe even a special girls photo session package with your best girl friends – I know I cherish our photos from way back an think it would be great to get us all in a pic (I’m sure other would love te idea too). Could even have fun props 🙂

Denise O - Congratulations to One Year!! This is just the beginning of a long journey for you.. You are an amazing photographer… To capture twins the way you do is a talent.. Best Wishes to MANY YEARS to come!!!!

Cabana Life Photo Shoot | New Jersey Beach Photographer | Monmouth County Beach Photographer

All I can say is after this session I was exhausted.  Chasing 6 3-year olds, one of which was my son, getting them changed into different outfits, making sure the hair was not in their face, dealing with temper tantrums, making sure we could see their outfits, oh my..  I was sweaty, sandy and tired but had an awesome time with these kids and their parents.  The shoot was for spring 2012 new clothing line.  Let me say these outfits were just adorable.  My son especially loved the turtle one (you can see him in the top left photo below).  He didn’t want to take it off.  What is so great about these outfits is that they are stylish and spf 50, at least and made very, very well.  Perfect for the beach for your kids.  I know I constantly worry about my two on the beach in the sun all day.  Sometimes sunscreen is just not enough.  The owners M and A were just as adorable as the kids, sweet girls with a growing business.  I can see they wil be very busy in the future and I am happy for them.  I love seeing people succeed with what they love.  Below is just a little sneak peak I put together for my blog and to showcase some of their awesome clothing.  They even have stylish beachwear for adults and hats.  Please go check them out!!



I am offering a special offer for Cabana Life customers.  If you purchase something from them or have purchased something from them you will receive 50% off your session fee and a FREE 5×7 print when booking a maternity, newborn, child or family session with me.  Offer good till July 2012.  Must show proof of purchase.  So check their website, friend them on facebook and let them know I sent you there.  You will absolutely love their clothing.

Thanks a million!




Sweet Newborn Girl | New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Monmouth County Newborn Photographer

I did this session a while ago.  In fact it was the hottest day in May, temps above 90 degrees.  It was just hot.  But it was a blessing too.  This adorable little girl slept the entire time once we got outside in the heat.  The session was done at Grandma’s house and was perfect.  I haven’t had many sessions with girls lately so this one was welcomed.  Grandma had this gorgeous doll carriage that was passed down to her form her grandmother and was in perfect condition.   This little angel just fit right in.

I just love little newborn feet, so precious and adorable!

Isn’t this carriage just beautiful.  She just looks so peaceful in there.

She was absolutely gorgeous.  Light red hair like Mom and a sweet, calm disposition.


Beach Family Session | New Jersey (NJ) Family Photographer | Ocean County Family Photographer

I did this session about 2 weeks ago.  This family I have documented through their stages of pregnancy, newborn and now as a family of 3.  You could tell in each stage how excited they were to be pregnant, over joyed with their newest addition to their family and now just a growing family enjoying every minute.  I remember doing this little guys newborn photos and how relaxed his parents were.    I was kind of awe struck by that.  I remember having my first and being overwhelmed.  These guys made it look so easy.  Now Little man is 8 months old and just all smiles and laughter.  Mom and Dad could just make him smile by looking at him.  He is an old pro at the beach too but on this day just wanted to eat the sand.  Can’t blame him though, he is teething and was drooling like mad.  The sand probably felt good on his gums.  I can’t imagine it tasted good though.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Hopefully I will see them on the beach tomorrow.

A little different processing for a aged, vintage beachy look.

Here is all his giggles

Thanks “C” Family!!