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Before & After | Playing with Photoshop | New Jersey Photographer

I had a chance to play around with Photoshop tonight, which is rare.  It’s raining, and everyone is in bed = peaceful!  I have been wanting to do something with these photos from a session back in April.  See, I don’t own very many backdrops as I prefer outside locations.  But with newborns, very small children and untimely weather you need to have a few.  I have the standard black and white with an off brown thrown in when I remember it.  There are some that I would like to buy but I want too many and can’t narrow it down.  So I decided to play.  I created a plain pink background and added a slight texture to it.  I then added it to the original photo, created a layer mask and painted back in my subject (still need to get better at that but I’ll take this for now).  I definitely prefer the after (on the right) to the before (on the left) and I am very happy with it.  Oh the options I can create now!  Too few hours in the day to do everything.


Thanks for reading.  Let me know which one you prefer.


The “O” Twins | New Jersey Photographer | Seaside Park

I am terrible at blogging lately.  I just don’t know where the time goes.  Actually I guess I do, to my kids, husband, pets, full-time job, house work, etc.  But I wanted to share this session.  This family contacted me about my mini-session on May 7th.  We wound up extending the session which I am glad we did.  My daughter actually came to help out and held the reflector when needed and was able to make the boys smile.  This is a gorgeous family.  The twins couldn’t be more opposite and it was great to see their personalities start coming through.  They didn’t know what to make of the sand at first but surprisingly they did well.  We had some tears but they didn’t last long.  This family was just a pleasure to work with.

Aren’t these two so adorable!

Mom was absolutely beautiful and so calm with having 2 boys.  These 2 have a great mother.

Dad was great too.  Very relaxed, just went with the flow.  You could tell he is so in love with his wife and the boys.

One of my favorite photos.

Thank you for letting me  capture these adorable boys!



Today we had the pleasure of walking with our friends in the March of Dimes Walk in Fairfield CT.  It was a beautiful morning.  Several years ago they were hit with a terrible tragedy.  You can view my personal page here and click on Team Christian for their story.

My family and I drove up to our friends house Friday night and just sat back and caught up.  The kids had a fantastic time playing with one another.  It is always nice getting together with good friends.  Here are just some snap shots of our morning, mainly of the kids.



Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary to my parents today!  Yes, they were married 39 years ago on a day that now will be remembered as Prince William and Princess Catherine ‘s Wedding day.  My parents however have the original day!  My husband and I are in awe of them and the years that they have been together.  We only hope to be as successful as they are.

Here is to Mom and Dad and many more years to come!

Happy Anniversary!